Snippet from Sparkholders!!!!

So, I wrote an argument and had way to much fun with it. Also, credits to my brother for making up a lot of the quotes!!!!


One more thing, this is in the middle of a trial/council meeting to decide what to do with so.e of the Sparkholders they caught…


“Why should I believe you,” Sabric sighed, “if you were the one who tried to eat a cape!” Trig looked confused for a moment.

“First of all, that was when I was three,” Trig replied, “second, you were the one who had the king’s bedchamber split in half to make a second, and supposedly ‘safer’, wardrobe for himself!” Sabric narrowed his eyes.

“Well,” Sabric hissed, “Mador tried to ban me, the king, from eating a riva tart last month!”

“That tart was made from rotten fruit!” Mador explained, “Several other dragons had gotten sick. If I had let you eat the tart, I might not be sitting here! Ahlai was the one to try to avoid a council meeting last year!”

“I did not!” Ahlai retorted, “I was sick that day! You should be upset with Enyo! She didn’t even come to a great feast held by the king, in her honor!” Enyo, a red dragon near the back, glared at Ahlai.

“I wasn’t even aware of something like that! Maybe you should punish Mal! He didn’t deliver the message to me!” Enyo yelled.

“I did too!” Mal, the king’s messenger, argued, “But, you apparently never read it! I saw Azazel try to steal the king’s fruits!”

“Is that so?” Sabric asked. Before Azazel could even answer, an angry sound came from the hallway. Queen Antimony, a dragon obsessed with her appearance, burst into the courtroom.

“Sabric,” Antimony snarled, “Those Sparkholders stole my bracelet.”

“Which bracelet?” Sabric asked, clearly unamused.

“The one made of pure gold,” Antimony glared at the Sparkholders, “I know they stole it.” Sabric noticed a gold band hanging from one of Antimony’s horns.

“You mean the one hanging from your horn, my dearest riva-nose,” Sabric asked. Antimony whipped her head around and directed her glare at Sabric. The gold bracelet flew off her horn and collided with the wall. The council began to laugh.

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