Where I’ve Been and a Snippet From My New Story!!!

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a very long time, I was on a tech fast. And now I’m back! But, the more exciting thing is that I finally got to write the prologue for my new fantasy story, Sparrows (instead of Through the Mountains, which had no relevance to the story at all)! This is the story that that one sketch I posted a long time ago goes to! So without further adieu, here is the prologue of Sparrows!

Chiara looked over the sea. It was seemingly endless. Her new home felt so far away. As much as she missed Osnon, her old country, she knew it was for the best that she and her family left. The land had become too full of war and battle that her father decided to relocate to, not just a new country but, a new continent altogether. 

It was a trip that took seven days by ship, and six and a half had already passed. If they had not gotten lost at sea, which Chiara prayed that they weren’t, at least part of the land of Estye should be visible. 

“LAND HO!” One of the sailors yelled. Several of Chiara’s brothers ran to the bow, hoping to catch a glimpse of Estye. Chiara squinted at the horizon. 


Absolutely nothing. Except for endless ocean. Oh, and sky. Plenty of sky too.

“Ara,” her father’s deep, but warm, voice came from behind her. “You might have more luck on the other side of the ship.” Chiara whirled around, a surprised look on her face.

“What?” Chiara asked, “But, I thought you said we’d be sailing in from the south!”

“We are,” Zane explained, “But, you’re on the port side, still looking south. If you switch to the starboard side,” he motioned to the opposite side, “you might have more luck.” Chiara rushed to the starboard taffrail. Now the land, though still far off, was quite prominent. A broad smile spread across her face.

This was her new home.

That is all I have for today (tomorrow, there is art)!


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