This is the art post I promised yesterday! So, let’s get started!

My page of Furies. Please ignore the back legs. They refused to work with me. There is a Night Fury and a Sea Fury… And the little sketch at the bottom of some sort of Fury.
Two mermaids and a sea creature. I love how the hair of the lion fish one turned out! The other one is based off of a leafy sea dragon and the sea creature is a combination of a seal, walrus, chameleon, dolphin, shark, eel, and dragon.
Because who doesn’t need a confused Ruffrunner?
This is one of my Light Fury OCs. Her name is Håber. Once I did the line art for this, I realized I mirrored her legs.
My page of colored pencil dragons!
Here is a half way done water color Stormfly. I have no idea why I never finished her.
My only true Night Fury OC!
Toothless! The base color was done with marker and then I added detail with colored pencil.
Dart is being talkative and Ruffrunner is annoyed.
Light Fury. I actually really love how this came out!

And now to digital art I got done within the last few days!

She is one of my few human OCs. Ember has two Light Furies, one of which is Håber!
This is a part of a redraw series I have! It’s based off of my first picture of a Light Fury ever!
And last, but not least, my new profile picture!

Thanks for taking the time to look through these! 😄


6 thoughts on “Art!”

  1. Wow, these are awesome! You are so good at drawing dragons.🤯 And I love the digital peices, they look great! And those mermaids, too! Wonderful job.👏🏼✨


  2. Oh my goshhhh, sooo pretty! My two absolute FAVOURITE things, art and HTTYD! Yussss! Oops, you probably don’t know who I am, do you? Hehe, well I’m Ariela, and I love this blog! I am SO following it so I can see more of your artwork!


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