Behold: Elemental Hummingbirds

So, a relative of mine took some picture of hummingbirds playing in water droplets but, instead of looking like the water was falling, it looks like the hummingbirds are controlling the water. And that got me started on elemental hummingbirds! So here are the first two: Air and Earth are still in the works! -Ember

More Art!!!

This time, the majority is digital! Ok, that’s it for now! Also, the first chapter of Sparrows is coming soon! -Ember

The First Queen of Estye

While worldbuilding (and planning) for Sparrows, I realized I hadn’t developed the royal line all that much so, I decided to start from the beginning! And, I also wanted to try a new style of shading and skin… -Ember


This is the art post I promised yesterday! So, let’s get started! And now to digital art I got done within the last few days! Thanks for taking the time to look through these! 😄 -Ember

Art Post!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted recently, my family has been pretty busy! But, I have art! To start, I have drawn ocean Nya (my name for her merged state)! And she now has a Scauldron because why not! And then I drew one of the side characters for my story (I think I named it Through… Continue reading Art Post!!!

*amazing title*

I can’t figure out what to call this post… I finally finished the sketch from two days ago!!!! Now it has lineart and color!!! (although technically, it was completed with just the lineart) Ta-da!!!! Now to complete the prologue…. Oh and the story finally has a name: Through The Mountains!


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